The Waterall automatically adjusts to your garden environment, plants and weather in real time
The Waterall knows the plants in your garden
Watering Sympl1ified
Less expensive than most traditional manual irrigation controllers
Conserve water, save money
The Waterall is a smart device with Wi-Fi and Blutooth integration

Our team

Symp1e, LLC is a company bent on straightening out the complexities of everyday issues. Our cloud-based systems streamline everyday products bringing them into the digital age and giving them a mind of their own. As a company we take pride in the quality, efficiency, simpl1icity and value our products provide our customers everyday, every year and for generations to come!

Arthur Steingart


President and Chief Executive Officer

Arthur has been the driving force behind creating a company bent on straitening out and simplifying the world we live in. Arthur is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor. His leadership, vision, financial prowess and business acumen are invaluable to the Symp1e team. A natural leader, Arthur is the founding member who values the true worth of helping others in need.
Jaycen Horton


Chief Operating Officer

Jason is a United States Marine. As a Marine Jason internalized the core values of honor, courage and commitment performing some of his best work under pressure. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Technical Management, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Technical Management as well as a Project Management Certification while currently pursuing a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership with a Specialization in Information Systems and Technology. Jason's dedication to creating a difference in his community is second to none. His sense of urgency and compassion makes him a perfect fit for Symp1e's leadership team.
Pamela Waterman

Pamela Waterman

Marketing Communications

Pamela Waterman enjoys taking technical information and making it understandable for the other 98% of us. She is an award-winning cookbook author, has published more than 200 technical articles, and has a master's in radio astronomy. Whenever possible, she reads books and gardens at the same time. Pam has been known to drop a bag of zucchini over the neighbor's fence, has planted tulip bulbs at 10pm by flood-lamp, and once put an entire garlic bulb in the ground without splitting it into cloves; she now knows better.

Howard Cohen

J. K. Waterman

President of Hardware Development

Jack is the hardware geek at Waterall. He got his first degree in mathematics at age 19 then followed up with three degrees in electrical engineering. After thirty years of design experience, he now eats circuit boards for breakfast. Jack had the original idea for making water-timers "symp1e" and knows that tons more people would become gardeners if it were just easier to figure out. His favorite fruit is the gooseberry, and his favorite flower is the artichoke, which produces the most amazing neon-purple flowers if you can just let it go to seed.

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