The Waterall makes it easy to connect your beautiful garden to the Internet.
The Waterall is ready to replace your existing irrigation controller without any additional changes in wiring. Without having to download any software, simply plug in your Waterall just as you would do with your old irrigation controller and let it do the rest!

Saving water, saving money

With Wi-Fi integration, we check the weather for you so your timings are automatically adjusted.

You don't have to do anything.

The Waterall can be set up to slowly change base timings as the seasons progress. If it rains or gets close to freezing conditions, the Waterall knows to stop watering.

From any internet connected device, you can control your garden.
You enter basic information on your plants, soil, slope and shade. The Waterall then calculates all of the variables, including weather by zip code, and provides you with an optimal watering schedule. It's that easy!

How it works

Connect your Waterall to your Wifi network or via Bluetooth

Then, you enter your garden information and name your sprinkler zones (for example – front yard on zone 1 and back yard on zone 2)

The Waterall creates an optimal watering schedule

Enjoy your beautiful garden while saving water and money every month